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XEvil 3.0: bypass more than 8400 type of CAPTCHAs

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:36 am
by MildredsHaby
XRumer 16.0 + XEvil 3.0: NEW revolutional software complex for breaking any Captcha


1. Powerful Artificial Intelligence: "XEvil" know more than 8000 of different types of Captcha,
including so popular, like Google-captcha, Captcha.Com, SolveMedia, Bing-Captcha,
Facebook-captcha, Ucoz-captcha, DLE-captcha, VBulletin-Captcha, SMF-Captcha and a lot of other

2. High speed and precision: in speed 0.01 second per image,
XEvil can recognize and solve wide types or captcha with high precision,
without depending of difficulty, distortion, noises, fonts, colors.

3. Very simple interface: just 3 main buttons to start recognition,
it so easy to use XEvil with a wide spectre of SEO, SMM, Analytics,
Mass Registering/Postion/Sending/Bruteforcing Software.

4. Flexible: logic of XEvil scripted with Lua - easy language,
so if you need, you can adjust functionality as you want.

Interested? ;)
just google for "XRumer + XEvil".

Thank you for your attention! :)

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"XEvil + MailBot"
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"XEvil & GSA Search Engine Ranker"


Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:21 am
by Jarrettbonia
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80s Porn Stars # 5344

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:40 am
by ductdiutt
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Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:41 am
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посмотреть бесплатно фильм Великая стена через одноклассники - Великая магия смотреть онлайн (1980) IT

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:20 pm
by AllysonEn
Великая стена


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яндекс кино Великая стена - фильм Великая стена аннотация ML

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:22 pm
by AllysonEn
Великая стена


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Великая стена 2017 года бесплатно и в хорошем качестве hd 720 . стена 2017 смотреть онлайн онлайн . Сира не полностью отдавшись страсти. Бракосочетание отменяют, Стена 03.02.2012 Бэтмен На пятьдесят оттенков темнее Джон Уик 2 Великая Стена ( русский язык

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